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Responsive Websites in a Nutshell

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We live in a fast-paced digital world. Mobile usage, whether responsive websites or mobile apps, is rapidly expanding globally. In particular, Southeast Asia’s internet penetration has surged in recent years. According to a recent Google report, the region is set to be the leader in mobile internet usage.

The Power of Responsive Websites

Consumers are no longer just using their mobile devices to surf the internet and check emails. Your potential customers are also using their mobiles to purchase online, find venues and amenities near them, stream live media, carry out internet banking; and so forth. Mobile phones are also being used extensively for entertainment and social media updates.

If your brand or business website is not mobile-friendly then you are missing out on a potentially huge market. Similar to the recent TK Foto project, responsive websites can be your best salesman and are available 24/7. They are the centrepiece of your marketing endeavours.

One surefire way to irritate your visitors is to deliver a desktop version of your website on a mobile device. You also run the risk of them abandoning your site out of sheer frustration. The days of ‘pinch, zoom and drag’ to read website content should be long behind you. Your website should be enhanced for optimal user experience across a variety of screen sizes.

It is also no secret that for some time now, Google has placed considerable weight on the framework of responsive websites for its search engine ranking. Just one more reason to ensure that your online presence is mobile-friendly.

In Summary

If you want people to find you online easily then ensure that you fully optimise your website for today’s mobile landscape. It is important that you optimise your page loading speed as well as follow other SEO best practices. This will also help you to engage and retain them when they are browsing your site.

Let us know if you need any further information about website development or any of the other digital marketing agency services we offer. The team at ONEVENT will be happy to share more.

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